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Measures of Central Tendency

Measures of Central Tendency is an important concept which is used to summarize the dataset into one value. Highly and regularly used Measures of Central Tendency are:

  • Mean

  • Median

  • Mode​


Mean is the average of all the given numbers. It is very easy to calculate 'Mean' value.

Formula: sum of values/total number of values.


Median is the middle value in the given dataset. For odd number of dataset we directly consider the middle value as median, If the dataset contains even number of values we have to take middle two numbers and need to add them by dividing '2'

For even: middle values A + B/2

For odd: N/2


Most repeated number is taken as mode.


Consider the weight of 5 men as 40,32,36,42,30,70 Kg's. Let's calculate Mean, Median and Mode.


                Mean: 40+32+36+42+30/5 = 180/5 = 36Kg.

                Median: Arrange the dataset in ascending order = 30,32,36,30,42. Middle number is 36.

                            Median is 36kg.

                Mode: 36 occurs most of the time. So, 36 is considered as Mode.

                          Mode = 36. 

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